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Product Liability

Sometimes while using a product, a consumer may sustain an injury or property damage may occur. Litigating claims of a defective product takes both skill and experience. The investigative process into the cause of injury, death or property damage can be complicated. The attorneys of Bieser Greer are as among the best to handle these complex cases both on the side of the defendant manufacturer and on the side of the injured consumer. In this specialized field, as recognized by Best Lawyers in America.

Consumer Goods and Appliances

We all rely on dependable products in our daily lives. Bieser Greer has overseen litigation ranging over a wide variety of consumer products, including, but not limited to, sporting goods, firearms, children’s toys, lighters, lawn equipment, auto and truck parts and kitchen and household appliances.

Heavy Machinery

These cases usually involve an employee who is required to operate heavy machinery as part of his or her job responsibilities. Bieser Greer’s experience with these types of cases is extensive. These cases can involve serious personal injury, wrongful death, serious property damage from fire, hazard claims and much more, Bieser Greer is prepared to handle these cases whether you are a manufacturing defendant or the one making a products liability claim.

Medical Implants, Drugs and Devices

Throughout our lifetimes, we use medical products that are designed to alleviate pain, improve physical function or heal more quickly. Bieser Greer has litigated a wide variety of these types of cases over the years and will bring our expertise to anyone involved in such a claim.