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Business Transactions

Since its founding in 1854, Bieser Greer has worked with thousands of business clients of all sizes on all facets of their ventures. Our lawyers work directly with businesses and their owners, counseling them on how best to organize their business, establish its ownership structure and protect its intellectual assets. We counsel businesses and their owners on how best to keep and motivate their employees and on the legal aspects of the decisions they are faced with on an ongoing basis.

Business Counseling

The best way for businesses and business people to avoid costly lawsuits is to develop a trusting relationship with a business lawyer and rely on that lawyer to provide answers to questions which, if wrongly answered or left unanswered, may lead to trouble. Whether a business client’s questions regard customer contracts, employee relations or any other facet of the business, Bieser Greer lawyers are prepared to advise.

Business Formation

Whether small or large in size or aspirations, a business venture needs to be structured in a manner which gives its owners the best asset protection possible while minimizing the related costs in terms of taxes and other expenses. Even the smallest of businesses should consider whether to form as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company. The lawyers of Bieser Greer work with business owners to help them decide what form makes the most sense for them and then sees them through the process of structuring their business.

Business Disputes

The lawyers of Bieser Greer handle matters in all phases of all types of dispute resolution from negotiation to arbitration to trial to appeal. Within the firm there is a group of litigators who handle predominantly business-related lawsuits. The business dispute lawyers of Bieser Greer are recognized as among the best in the field and have represented the largest and the smallest clients in matters involving disputes with business associates, ex-employees, competitors and the government.

Trademark / Copyright / Service Mark

These days, a business’s most valuable assets are likely to be less tangible things like their ideas and their public image. Bieser Greer lawyers work with their business clients to protect their brands and related intellectual property so that others are not able to pirate their ideas or compete with them unfairly.