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Criminal Defense

All individuals have a right to legal counsel and representation. From traffic issues such as OVI accusations to misdemeanors and felonies, the lawyers of Bieser Greer have the experience necessary to help defend your rights. Bieser Greer represents individuals and corporations facing investigation or prosecution for crimes in municipal, state and federal court. Whether you are summoned as a witness in a grand jury investigation, face the potential for prosecution if you do not cooperate with the government, or are charged with a criminal offense, you need the advantage of an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your constitutional rights. Government at all levels continues to expand the use of criminal remedies as a way to deter and punish disfavored conduct. No citizen or corporation should enter the criminal justice system without an experienced trial lawyer at their side.

We offer criminal defense representation for clients charged with serious crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile offenses. We represent professionals and corporations charged with white collar crimes and asset forfeitures. We also represent individuals charged with Internet crimes, DUI / OVI, and other traffic-related offenses. We pursue appeals seeking reversal of convictions because of errors at trial.
Through the use of vigorous investigation and negotiation, we help the innocent preserve their freedom. We also help our clients obtain reduced charges, sentences and expungements of prior convictions. At Bieser Greer, we make it our priority to protect and restore your rights when navigating the maze of the criminal justice system.


Felonies are crimes which carry the potential of one year or more in prison, depending upon the nature of the charge. Early attorney involvement is highly desirable since governmental discretion tends to be broad at early stages of an investigation and to narrow sharply as an investigation moves to and through the stages of formal charges, indictment and trial preparation. We provide our clients with a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys that has tried hundreds of felony trials.


Misdemeanors are offenses with a maximum penalty of up to one year in prison. The attorneys of Bieser Greer have significant experience representing clients in various municipal courts throughout southwest Ohio, including Montgomery, Greene, Butler, Warren, Drake, Preble and Clark counties. No matter the severity of the allegation, it is always good to have counsel on your side, a criminal record can affect an individual for life. The lawyers of Bieser Greer also met with success when seeking expungements of misdemeanor criminal records for their clients.


Government continues to expand the use of criminal remedies to deter and punish children charged with criminal activity. We recognize that your child’s welfare is important and work closely with prosecutors, law enforcement and other court personnel to bring an expeditious and just resolution to these type of charges.

Tax Crimes

Professionals and corporations face the possibility of criminal charges as a consequence of business decisions made with no intent to violate the law. Our experienced attorneys assist professionals and corporations faced with the need for representation when charged with tax crimes.

DUI / OVI and Other Traffic Offenses

The State of Ohio continues to enact harsher criminal remedies as a way to deter and punish individuals charged with DUI / OVI and other traffic-related offenses. The prospect of the loss of driving privileges and the personal, professional and financial toll that it carries is unparalleled. We recognize that DUI / OVI charges can have lasting effects on one’s reputation and career, and handle these matters with efficiency and expediency by providing our clients with a team of criminal defense attorneys specially trained to handle these types of cases.

Military Crimes

Military personnel charged with criminal offenses require the representation of an experienced attorney. Our clients receive that experience through a former JAG who routinely handles these types of charges, including courts-martial, non-judicial punishment proceedings and other disciplinary boards.