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An OVI conviction may severely affect your career

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Criminal Defense

A criminal charge hangs over your head after police arrest you on an operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) charge. If convicted, you face an assortment of penalties such as jail, fines, loss of your driver’s license and public service.

But you overlooked the fact that an OVI conviction may make a significant dent in your career. Losing your professional license is a possibility, and so is losing your job. These two examples represent extreme ways in which a criminal conviction affects your livelihood.

Missed work and termination

Here are some of the ways that an OVI conviction may stunt your career, affecting you and your family:

  • Missed work hours means missing income: Dealing with a criminal charge will take time away from your job. You must have regular meetings with your attorney, make court appearances, and, if convicted, must fulfill your sentence by even going to jail. These results will take time away from your job and lead to a shrinking paycheck. On top of that, your employer may not be so understanding of your dilemma.
  • Job termination or suspension: With a code of conduct in place, employers set guidelines on what they expect of their employees. A criminal conviction is not one of them. You could face a significant suspension or even get fired. Some employers may require you to enroll in a substance abuse rehabilitation program for you to keep your job.
  • Suspension or loss of professional license: Many jobs require a state license in Ohio. The list includes accountants, attorneys, counselors, dentists, emergency medical technicians, nurses, physicians, real estate agents, teachers and truck drivers, You will face a hearing before the state governing board, which will decide your fate.
  • The disappearance of job offers: Employers conduct background checks on prospective employees. They likely will find out about your OVI conviction and possibly rescind a job offer. Other employers may simply discard your resume.

An OVI conviction may have a lasting impact on your career. Please remember that.

Work with an attorney

Your career may be in jeopardy after an OVI conviction. You must take the steps to overcome this charge. The best way may be to enlist the aid of an attorney, who will work to get the charge reduced or dismissed.