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| Oct 10, 2016 | Company-News

The law firm now known as Bieser Greer began in 1854 when Clement Vallandigham and his nephew, John McMahon, got together. Vallandigham went on to a colorful career as a leader of the Copperheads in the Civil War.  He was arrested for treason by General Burnside, and from his exiled home in Canada, staged an almost successful campaign for the governorship of Ohio in the midst of the Civil War.  He met an unusual and unfortunate post-war demise at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio.  McMahan practiced law for 69 years.  During that time he represented giants of industry, noted inventors and other leaders of Dayton society.  He was the prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Secretary of War William Belknap during the Grant administration, and following the great Dayton flood of 1913 he wrote the legislation which enabled the establishment of the Miami Conservancy District and which became the model for the Tennessee Valley Authority during the FDR years.

Since 1854, attorneys who joined the partnership now known as Bieser Greer have been community leaders and lawyers of note in southwestern Ohio and beyond.  The firm has steered itself and its clients through countless civil and criminal trials.  It has provided personal guidance to a constant stream of private clients.  Its lawyers have been involved in community agencies and projects designed to improve the life of Daytonians, and they have given pro bono legal services to the less fortunate members of the Dayton community.

In the approach of our lawyers to analyzing and resolving legal problems we have historically tried to supplement our collective education and experience with creative imagination – a factor that, while it cannot change facts or law, can and should enhance their presentation for the benefit of our clients.  In successive postings, I hope to offer thoughts and examples which illustrate applications of our approach in the courtroom while my colleagues will touch on areas that relate to the work we do for our clients both in and out of the courtroom. Thank you for visiting our site.

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