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How to have a divorce that centers on your children

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Family Law

When considering divorce in Ohio, many couples focus on their assets and how they can minimize the damage that splitting up will incur. However, those with children often don’t consider what their most significant assets are, namely their offspring. If you have minor children, you should consider how to best protect them during and after the proceedings. Here is how you can have a child-centric divorce.

Overwhelming emotions can cloud decisions involving children

Overwhelming emotions, especially during the initial stages, can cause parents to focus on their own needs instead of those involving their children during divorce. Even parents who are devoted to their kids can forget about protecting them from the stress and pain that divorce produces. Nevertheless, most divorcing parents agree that they love their children. By focusing on your love for them, you can achieve a child-centric divorce and reassure your children that everything will eventually be all right.

Steps to a child-centric divorce

Consider these four steps that will reassure your children during the process:

  • Commit with your spouse to stay out of court, increasing your ability to protect your children from conflict
  • Focus on recovery, and just let your kids be kids
  • Focus on your relationship with each child and try to understand their feelings and behavior
  • Keep the divorce process moving along but don’t rush it either, so you can begin to heal

Unwinding your marriage in a healthy manner

Avoiding excessive conflict during divorce negotiations is crucial for the mental health of everyone involved, especially your children. No matter how old they are, if they see mom and dad screaming and arguing over every aspect of the split, including child custody, visitations, etc., they may think the divorce is their fault. When you can’t agree on a solution, going through mediation may be the best alternative.

Taking time to cool off is also helpful. It takes time to unwind a marriage, so carefully evaluate and consider what the best solutions and alternatives are, not just for you but also for your children.